TorBots in the Community

As a team that encompasses the four Torrance high schools, TorBots has always been very involved in the local community. Our efforts to expand the ideals of STEM and FIRST into the lives of the citizens of Torrance continue to grow.

Elementary & Middle School Visits

The Torrance Unified School District is one of the largest in the region with four high schools, eight middle schools, and 17 elementary schools. As part of our outreach goals, we strive to make the sure that the future generations share our passion for engineering.

In the past years, we have visited Richardson Middle School, Calle Mayor Middle School, Hull Middle School, Jefferson Middle School, Madrona Middle School, and Lynn Middle School as well as Seaside Elementary School and Hickory Elementary School. During these visits, we exhibited our robot and showed them what we do as a club. The sheer joy and interest that these bright young minds showed truly made our work that much more satisfying.